Joint Aid 4 Dogs – joint support for dogs with sensitive tummies – powered by Oatinol™


•  Got a dog with joint problems AND a sensitive tummy?

•  Tired of cleaning up the issues of bad digestion?

•  Want to see mobility results in a week’s time?

•  You and your dog will love this joint product!

•  No stool problems... guaranteed!


+  EIGHT active joint ingredients

+  Inherent digestive support

+  Healthy antioxidants

=  Joint support with NO tummy

     problems... guaranteed!

The powerhouse behind Joint Aid 4 Dogs is Oatinol™ — a proprietary oats oil extract packed with natural digestive emulsifiers and antioxidants that support ingredient absorption.

Active Ingredients:

• Glucosamine • Chondroitin • MSM • Ester-C

• Curcumin • Glutamine • Beta Glucan • Oatinol™


Joint Aid 4 Dogs is a unique, proprietary blend of eight very beneficial joint ingredients, carefully formulated to achieve healthier joints in just a week’s time — with NO digestive upset.


The #1 Joint Product in the U.K.

Aids your dog’s natural mobility and optimum joint health!

brought to the U.S. and Canada by Grizzly Pet Products