Joint Aid 4 Dogs – gentle, effective joint product for dogs with sensitive tummies – powered by Oatinol™


•  Got a dog with joint problems AND a sensitive tummy?

•  Tired of cleaning up the effects of bad digestion?

•  Want to see mobility results in a week’s time?

•  You and your dog will love this joint product!

•  No stool problems... guaranteed!


+  EIGHT active joint ingredients

+  Inherent digestive support

+  Healthy antioxidants

=  Powerful joint support with NO

     tummy problems... guaranteed!

The powerhouse behind Joint Aid 4 Dogs is Oatinol™ — a proprietary oats oil extract packed with natural digestive emulsifiers and antioxidants that literally “turbo-charge” ingredient absorption. Better absorption enables lower, safer levels of harsh molecules (such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin) to be highly effective, thus avoiding the digestive upsets that are so common in dogs taking other joint supplements.

Active Ingredients:

• Glucosamine • Chondroitin • MSM • Ester-C

• Curcumin • Glutamine • Beta Glucan • Oatinol™


Joint Aid 4 Dogs is a unique, proprietary blend of eight very beneficial joint ingredients, carefully formulated to achieve healthier joints in just a week’s time — with NO digestive upset.


The #1 Joint Product in the U.K.

Aids your dog’s natural mobility and optimum joint health!

brought to the U.S. and Canada by Grizzly Pet Products